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Help for sanctuary seekers to understand their rights

Welsh Government promised to sponsor at least 1000 people from Ukraine to come to Wales. This is part of the Homes for Ukraine scheme. We are proud of our ambition to be a Nation of Sanctuary and it is our privilege to be able to support Ukrainians at this time. Around 3,000 people have sponsored under this scheme so far.

This page provides more information about the Super Sponsor offer from the Welsh Government. More information about Wales and the support which all Ukrainians can expect to receive in Wales can be found in other parts of this website.

To listen to or read this website in Ukrainian or Russian, select the flags icon on the toolbar above and choose your preferred language.

How to apply for the Super Sponsor route

The super sponsor route is currently paused for new applications.

If you have already applied your application is unaffected by this pause.

We will review the decision to pause the super sponsor route at the end of June 2022.


If you are sponsored by the Welsh Government, we will provide accommodation from day one of arrival in Wales. We are setting up 'Welcome Centres' across Wales to ensure Ukrainians receive a warm Welsh welcome. During your stay in a Welcome Centre you will receive free accommodation for up to 3 months. You will receive help to register for a bank account and access social security payments. We will make sure you receive a full health assessment. Children will have education activities and adults will be given English or Welsh tuition classes. We will start to prepare you for the labour market if you are able to work.

After a few weeks or months, we will seek to move you to longer-term accommodation somewhere else in Wales. We will help you find somewhere where you can start to settle and your local authority will continue to provide services to help you.

You do not need to find another sponsor during this time. The Welsh Government and local authorities in Wales will help you to find accommodation.

Our helpline will let you know which Welcome Centre you will be living in and will help you make travel plans.


We have set up a helpline for anyone who is sponsored by Welsh Government. The helpline will call you once your visa is approved by the UK Government so that we can start to get to know you and your needs. We can help you understand how to get to Wales and for us to be prepared for your arrival.

You can call the helpline on 08081751508 from within the United Kingdom. From outside the United Kingdom, the number is +4402045425671. Calls from outside the UK may be charged but the number is free from inside the UK.

This helpline is available from 8am - 8pm, 7 days a week. 

Interpretation and Translation

We have arranged that everyone who we sponsor will have access to a free telephone interpretation service whenever you need it. You will be provided access to this after you have spoken to the helpline.

When living in a Welcome Centre you will also likely have access to a free in-person interpreter at certain times.

Arrival Hubs and free travel

Within Wales, all Ukrainians arriving under this scheme will have free travel on all trains and some bus services for the first 6 months. You may need to show transport staff your Ukrainian passport or your UK Government permission to travel letter.

If you get lost on the way to your Welcome Centre, we have set up 'Arrival Hubs' in major transport locations across Wales. This includes airports, ports and our main rail stations. You can ask Arrival Hub staff for help or call the Helpline and we will help you make travel plans.

These Arrival Hubs can be found at:

- Cardiff Central train station

- Cardiff Airport - 01446 774 634

- Holyhead Port

- Wrexham General train station - 07825 043503 /  07540668547 -

- Pembroke Dock Port

- Fishguard Port


Getting a job

We want to help you get a job as soon as you are ready. In the Welcome Centres we will ensure help is provided so that you can learn English (or Welsh) and learn about how the UK labour market works. We will help you prepare to apply for jobs so that you are ready to do this after your stay in the Welcome Centre.

Bringing your pet with you

If you are travelling with your pet to the UK it must meet the rules for entry. It should have:


had a vaccination against rabies. Your pet will need a blood test 30 days later to make sure the vaccine worked. You will have to wait 3 months after the blood test to travel to the UK;

been microchipped;

a pet passport or health certificate;

had tapeworm treatment.


If it your pet does not meet these rules it will have to go into quarantine. You will not have to pay for this but your pet may be in quarantine for up to four months. You can find out more here: Bringing your pet to the UK from Ukraine - GOV.UK (


If your pet meets all the rules please check before you travel that:

your sponsor is happy to accept pets; and

the place you will be staying is suitable for pets.


If you are coming to Wales as part of the Super Sponsor scheme you will not be able to keep your pet with you in the Welcome Centre. We want you to feel at home while you stay in one of our Welcome Centres, but none of these are suitable for pets. We are working hard to find somewhere for your pet to stay so that you can feel confident it is safe and cared for. We will try to find somewhere close to where you are staying, but this may not be possible.

Moving on from a Welcome Centre

We hope you are receiving a warm welcome to Wales and are getting the help and support you need.

How long am I here for?

Your stay in the Welcome Centre is only temporary. We want to help you to get registered for health services and benefits, open a bank account and get your Biometric Residency Permit.

What happens after this?

We are working hard to find long term accommodation across Wales. You and your family will have an opportunity to find work, or go to school. We are also sure that you will be welcomed and supported by Welsh communities whilst you are staying in the UK.

Welcome Centre staff will help you to complete a survey. This will look at accommodation and work or education needs for you (and your family). For example, you may want to work or go into education, or have dependent children that will need to go to school.

The people of Wales have been incredible in offering accommodation in their homes. Our partners are now checking to ensure that appropriate accommodation is available for you. It is likely that you will be matched to a host family. Alternatively accommodation may be found in housing association properties or in rented properties. This means that you may need to move to another part of Wales.

You will receive details once a match has been identified. Should the appropriate match be with a host family then you will be able to first meet that host online.

Why do I have to leave the Welcome Centre?

We appreciate that you may have started to make friends in the Welcome Centre and may want to stay. But Welcome Centres are not permanent. We want to support as many Ukrainians as possible to be able to seek sanctuary and safety in Wales. To do this we need to keep rooms available in our Welcome Centres. More people are going to be travelling to Wales soon. They need to know that they will have a safe place to stay when they arrive.

What support will I receive?

The Welsh Government is working with various partners in communities across Wales. We want you to be able to join groups and activities with other Ukrainians living in your area. When you move to a new area, your local authority will have funding to ensure services can be made available.

What are my rights?

Once you have received your Biometric Residence Permit you will be able to stay and work in the UK for 3 years. Once you have this and a National Insurance (NI) number (to pay income tax) you can find a job and earn money.

We want to support you to find longer term accommodation but you are able to find a property of your own without our involvement. You can search on property listings websites or go to local lettings agents.

You can register with a Doctor in your new area and access NHS services including hospitals for free. For more information visit the health section of this website.

If you have children between the ages of 4 and 16 then you can apply to the local council for them to go to school. For more information visit the education section of this website.

You may also be eligible to claim welfare benefits.  For more information visit the money section of this website.

You can find more useful information at

Code of Conduct

When staying in our accommodation, you will be asked to sign a code of conduct like the one below:

Code of conduct

Welcome to Wales. We want all residents to feel welcome, comfortable and safe. We ask you to behave respectfully to staff and other residents and follow this code of conduct. Failure to do so may result in being moved to alternative accommodation. You may also have your accommodation offer withdrawn. Especially if your continued presence is likely to cause distress to others. Thank you for your co-operation.

· Be respectful and considerate to others, including both staff and residents.

· Be considerate of other people’s personal space. Be mindful that people's personal boundaries may be different to yours. Do not touch another person without their consent.

· Do not to make unreasonable noise at any time, but particularly between the hours of 23.00 and 8.00.

· If your accommodation has families with children, please be considerate to others.

· If consuming alcohol on site please drink responsibly.

· Do not consume any illegal substances on site.

· Do not smoke inside the accommodation, this includes e-cigarettes.

· If smoking outside, use designated areas or smoke off-site.

· Please ensure you lock your door when leaving your room unattended.

· Please keep communal areas clean and tidy and keep personal belongings in your room.

· Do not cover smoke detectors.

· Please report any maintenance or health and safety issues to staff on site.

· Please let us know if you are staying away from the Centre overnight. If you leave the centre for more than two weeks, we will not be able to hold your room vacant. Many people in need of a safe place to stay.


Thank you for helping us to create a place of sanctuary for all Ukrainians arriving in Wales

Welsh Government reserves the right to move residents between accommodation sites. We may also withdraw your offer of accommodation if this Code of Conduct is not followed.


Signature of guest:

Name of guest: